May 13, 2016

7 Tips to Network Marketing on FB

Here are the 7 tips to following when network marketing on Facebook.

1. Facebook is a social media platform.

People use it to keep in touch with their family and friends. Honor that. When you send a friend request to  network marketer, make sure you become that persons friend. Build a relationship over time. How?

2.  Welcome them.

Begin the chat on common ground. Find out where they are from, Always end with a question to keep the conversation going for a while.

That will help you to get to know them better and they, you.

Remember, you can’t fake this. You must really want to be their friend, want to get to know them.
3. Add 5-10 Facebook friends a day.

Facebook is funny. If you try to add too many people, they’ll take notice and stop you. If they can’t stop you, you just might find yourself in Facebook jail.

Facebook jail is no fun. I’m been there. I know. In my ignorant days, I made  mistakes, which means that my rights were taken away, just as they are in a real jail.

I could not post, comment or basically access my account for about two weeks, when I got patrolled. Did they keep track of me after that. I don’t know.

My recommendation is, don’t do it.

4.  Offer a helping hand.

Find out what their needs are in their business. Help them get what they want, even if it means not joining your network marketing business.

They may be looking for a mentor and you know one to refer them to.

They may be looking for a business, for example a health business, but you have a travel business. The match isn’t there. But if you refer them to a friend you have in the health business, they may someday come back to you when they have a need.

So offer that helping hand.

You’ll be glad you did. Giving a helping hand gains points in your on the trust end of them getting to Know, Like and Trust you.

5. Join networking marketing groups.

Facebook is full of groups where people can post to other network marketers. Most of them are full of people who post ads for their business.

To stand out from the others, post ideas, suggestions or tutorials that people can use to build their businesses.

Others will take not and start liking and commenting on your posts. These are the people you want to befriend and build a relationship with.

But DO NOT SPAM these groups. If anyone offers you software that will allow you to send your spammy messages to multiple groups, run away. Your reputation is at stake and once lost, it takes moving a mountain to get it back.

6. Create value.

Educate yourself, Take action on what you learn, Learn from the results and Teach others. That’s creating value.

You can give value through the content you provide.  Post often on Facebook, but only 10% of the time, promoting your business.

Another 10% can just be fun posts.

The other 80% Should be value posts, images, text, videos that inspire, train or otherwise add know-how to building a business online

7. Set up your own network marketing group.

Offer tips and motivation. If you are an expert at a particular social media strategy.  Focus on it.

People are looking for experts. In these days of people’s heads buried in cell phones, offer how-tis of Instagram or Pinterest or the multiple other social media sites.

Create  video tutorials on any of these subjects and post them.

Follow these 7 strategies and you will soon find you have a new warm market to engage.

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