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Entrepreneur Gloria Reibin

Hi, I’m Gloria Reibin, an entrepreneur and coach.

Let me share my journey with you.

I started out aiming to be an actress when I was 6 years old…

Went to NYC when I was 18, did some off-Broadway, summer stock and lots of studying.

I then turned to writing plays, screenplays and making films.

Money wasn’t easy to come by, so I  began searching for ways to make money while I was working on my creative future.

I found network marketing and loved the concept, but soon discovered it wasn’t easy to do.

Why wouldn’t people want to switch their buying habits from big corporations to their family and friends  and get rich in the process?

It didn’t work that way.

I was pretty good at convincing people to join me, but didn’t know what to do with them when they  did.

I wanted more in life. I wanted everything. I wanted to become that person who has everything.

Then one day a networking friend said to me, “Gloria what would you do if you weren’t doing what you are doing now?”

My response shocked me. It was immediate. “I’d go back to screenplay writing.”

What was I thinking? I had give up what I loved, my dream, to make money. I made some money, yeah, but I was spending more than I was making. I wasn’t in control of my money. I wasn’t in control of my life.

So, I am now in the process of creating a production-ready screenplay.

But something was snapping at my heals, the knowledge that even though I may have a production-ready screenplay, I had to be the person who could interact with producers, with entrepreneurs.

Well, entrepreneurship knocked on my virtual door.

I tried to ignore it.

I thought it was the same as everything else I had been doing.

Finally, there was one word that struck me and I couldn’t let it go.

So, I leaped into the air for my free trial and plunged into the refreshing pool of pure financial knowledge and began learning  everything I needed to know in order to climb the mountain of success.

What I found was the roadmap  to success in any business I chose to create…

A step by step guide of all it took to have a successful online business.

It teaches the mindset of who you have to become, the design of the business model you had to grasp. It reveals all the marketing techniques that the most successful gurus use to gain wealth, the numbers you have to watch in your campaigns, coaches to guide you every step of your journey as you climb the mountain of success.

It shows you how to become an entrepreneur

What’s most important, it gives you the opportunity to  implement what you learn on the way, so you can earn as you learn.

I’m now an entrepreneur.

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