October 14, 2014

Starting & Managing a Successful Home Business

The 2 Keys for Opening A Business Opportunity and Entering into Profit

It’s all over the web. Business Opportunity. But what makes a
business opportunity successful.

You might be surprised, but it doesn’t depend on:

• The product
• The pay plan or
• The company

What? You are asking? What else is there?

You’ve heard of the 3 R’s of education, “Reading, wRiting and ‘Rithmetic.

Here are the two 2 Rs of Business Success.

1. Relationships
2. Resources

It doesn’t sound like much, but when you look closely, those two little words contain a wealth of power.



Here, we are not just talking about your Mom, Dad, the kids and your Aunt Lizzy. It is important to build long-term relationships online with other people in the home business community.

You build such relationships by building trust. People buy from people they know like and trust.

Likewise, successful Internet Marketers Joint Venture with people they know like and trust.

So it’s important to nurture these relationships. The way to do that is by being helpful. Offer value. Be honest. Share proven resources, which bring us to the second R


Online marketing strategies change. It is important to keep up with those changes. Older techniques go away, while other old strategies take on new forms. Share these with other Internet marketers.

? Auto-responders, one of the oldies, still has its place. Use them for follow-up with your customers and prospects.
? Marketing Systems that people can duplicate.
? New Web 2.0 strategies.
? Social Media Marketing, like Facebook, LInkedIn & Twitter
? Search Engine Optimization techniques
? Video and Articles
? Video marketing
? Word Press Blogs
? Any super marketing sources you can find.

Watch out for the latest. Google is in the process of launching Google Plus,.

Will it be able to compete with Facebook?

Building your MLM business using all the marråketng techniques now available, could save you time and make you a lot of money. So go for it!

Gloria Reibin


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