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October 16, 2014

Team Site Traffic Review

Team Site Traffic

Gavin Mountford’s Traffic Generator

Hi Everyone,

Gavin Mountford, the created of Team Site Traffic has been working on an update of the incredible software for  months.

In an email that I received today, he gives an excellent update and Team Site Traffic Review.

He is announcing a Webinar that will give a complete Team Site Traffic Review of the updates.

The Wednesday will be October 22 2014. Clicking any of the links below will get you on his mailing list.

If, by chance you don’t hear from him in the next few days, Please call me and I will make sure you get the information, time and location of the updates.


Gloria Reibin 925-299-8873

Now, from Gavin Mountford.

“I’ve just sent this email out to people but wanted to SHARE it here as you may not see it for some reason… (It’s LONG but powerful!)

I’ve got a pretty BIG
announcement to make in
this email…

Then tomorrow… registrations will
open for Wednesday’s Webinar…


Depending on how long you’ve been on
my list, you may remember the BIG
launch I did back in June for
my best selling WordPress Software and
training program called
Team Site Traffic…

We had some pretty BIG
partners on board with the


Diane Hochman
Michelle Pescosolido
Rob Fore
Rebecca Woodhead
Mark Harbert
Matt Stefanik
Chris Blair
Richard Matheroo
VaNessa Duplessie

…plus many other awesome
people who fully believed in the
Team Site concept…

Since the launch we’ve had a number
of members having great
success with their Team Sites…


** Andrea Ansari making multiple $1000 sales
from her Team Site automatically…
(People just finding her from Google…)

** Alex Paim building a BIG business
over in Brazil and creating an awesome Team

** Isabella Mantegazza generating leads for
0.03 Euros per lead! (Crazy!)

** Rebecca Woodhead and her team
sponsoring people effortlessly
from their Team Site

** Plus many others who are now
crushing it with their Team Sites and Network
Marketing companies…

It was quite funny because
no sooner had I launched Team Site Traffic
I started getting messages from
customers asking if there was a way for
them to ADD Multiple Opportunities into their
Team Site…

People were saying things like…

“Hey Gavin, I’ve got 3 Network Marketing
opportunities and several different tools
I’d like to allow my Team Members to promote
from the one site.. is that possible?”


“I’m feeling overwhelmed and my team isn’t
duplicating because everyone is trying to
promote too many opportunities all
over the place… is there a way we can
combine it on ONE site so everyone can
promote the ONE Team Site and we
stay focused?”

…so I thought about it long and hard
to see if there was a way I could make it work
to help my customers and others marketers
add multiple opportunities to their

…so they’d have…

No More Distraction…
No More Overwhelm…
No More Promoting Multiple Links…
No More Split Focus…

I decided that Team Site Traffic needed to stay
FOCUSED on ONE opportunity because
many people can ONLY succeed by
focusing on ONE…

…and if they tried to do too many things
they’d fail…

(Although that still doesn’t stop people…)


Fast Forward a couple of months and I’d commissioned
the development of a much more POWERFUL and
ADVANCED Brand New WordPress Plugin…

A Plugin that allows online marketers to
build a Team Site and enable
their Team to earn Multiple Streams of
Income by promoting just the
ONE site…

Thousands and Thousands of dollars
later and HUNDREDS of hours in Beta
testing and development…

…we’d solved a HUGE industry


We’d developed an absolute killer
piece of WordPress Software…


“The 7-Figure Team System”

This mind blowing software allows YOU to promote
Multiple Opportunities from ONE site and
in turn build and leverage a team so everybody
promotes the ONE link and site…

…resulting in Multiple Streams Of
Income for you and your team…

This has NEVER been seen before…

But it doesn’t stop there because I’ve
also been working with a handful of top
class mastermind students to develop a fully blown
step-by-step 90 Day Coaching
Program designed to walk you through the
entire process of setting up, promoting
and automating your very own
Multiple Streams Of Income Team Site…

Allowing you to:

** Sponsor brand new reps into ANY
opportunity so you have a Team you can
then leverage to build your downline

** Develop your Team Site & make it
irresistible for others to join…

** Create your Automated Sales Funnel
that brings people into your business
on Autopilot…

** EXPLODE traffic to your
Team Site and primary opportunity
by leveraging the power of Facebook Ads
& your team…

** Crush is with retargeting Ads
on Facebook to warm people up and sign them
up fast even if they’ve left your site…

… plus much, much more..

I’ve been working on this pretty much
flat out for the last 3 months…

In fact… you may have heard of
Networking Superstars? which is my brand
new Multiple Income Streams Team Site
we officially launched less than TWO (2)
weeks ago…

…already from scratch in less than
TWO weeks we’ve built:

** A CRAZY BUSY Facebook group with 284 members
& growing at 10-20 per day on autopilot…

** An ARMY of 120 paying members who are already
using & promoting our system…

** An email list of 963 hungry people… (for free)

** A brand new Fan Page with 319 LIKES and
some posts getting 50-60 comments…

** A Team Site & Blog with over 2500 visitors in
the last 7 days… (Averaging 300-500 visitors
per day…)

** Team Members earning income from
multiple different places… including Network Marketing
Business, MLSP, Tools, and info products…

** Income Streams between $100 per month
– $2,000 per month and growing
for different Team Members…

… and that is mostly since we’ve launched!

…and these are the EXACT strategies I’m
going to be teaching in the 7-Figure Team System…


I mean seriously…

What if you could…

** Sponsor brand new reps effortlessly
into your business using my T-LAS Sales

** Leverage those new reps to generate thousands
of visitors, hundreds of leads and grow a
bigger downline faster…

** Create a Facebook group that grew on
AUTOPILOT with brand new pre-qualified members
being added to it on a daily basis?

** Enable you and your team members to earn
Multiple Streams Of Income by promoting
just the ONE site?

** Combine the POWER of your Team
and Facebook Ads to drive hundreds of visitors
and leads daily to expose your business to…

** Help your Team finally have success
in their business so everybody wins…

** Automate 90% of the process to leave
you to enjoy your life while your Team Site,
email list, income and downline
grows like crazy…

Would that make a difference to your
business and lifestyle?

I sure hope so…

Well, that’s what I’m in the process of
doing right now with Networking Superstars…

To SHOW and PROVE it can be done!

… and I’ve been testing and using my 7-Figure
Team System Software over the last few
months on my own site…

…with incredible success…

So on Wednesday 22nd next week I’m going to
be showing you inside this AWESOME

…so you can see what is possible…

Plus I’ll show you what you need to do
to get your hands on a copy of my 7-Figure
Team System Software including my 90
day coaching program…


Be on the look out for that email tomorrow
and be one of the first to register…

…and be aware, there are ONLY 100
spaces on the Webinar so you’ll need to ACT
fast to get on…

Getting very excited now…

This is the answer to many peoples
prayers because people have been looking
and waiting for this for a LONG time…

… and YOU might have been too…

Speak tomorrow,


P.S. If you wanted to see how my Multiple
Streams Of Income site works, you
can find out more here…

P.P.S. I’ll send you the registration link
tomorrow to register for the
7-Figure Team System Webinar…
be on the look out…”

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